winter dresses: wishlist.

I love wearing dresses in the fall and winter. Pair it with some tights & cute boots- my favorite.

Here are a few dresses I would love to have in my closet:

dress2Monaco Tiered Dress from anthropologie.


dress1Mystic Velvet Swing Dress from Loft.

dress3Marled T-Shirt Dress from Anthropologie.



Lou & Grey Interlock Crossback Dress from Loft.

(I actually purchased this dress! The back is adorable. I can’t wait to get it in the mail!)


dress5Marova Maxi Dress from Anthropologie.

This is just a fun dress I had to share! I obviously don’t have the budget to spend over $300 on a dress. It’s gorgeous to look at though- a girl can dream!


dress6Eastberry Dress from Anthropologie.

This dress is so dreamy! Love.




september wishlist.

The end of September is where you can (usually) start wearing fall related clothing. I guess it really just depends where you live. I’ve gathered a list of pretty things I would love to have in my closet. Take a look….

Posy Maxi Sweater Dress found on Anthropologie’s website.



Surya Burnout Top found here.



Amis Linen Top found on Anthropologie’s website.



Oxford Booties (in any color, really) found on Anthropologie’s website.



Mona Plaid Dress found here.



Sueded Baseball Cap found here.



What is your favorite thing about Autumn clothing? Any must pieces you must have this season?




*All photos are taken off of Anthro’s website. Some items I wasn’t able to directly link, my apologies.


one month until my birthday: gift wishlist.


I can’t believe it! August is coming to an end, and we are about to be in my birthday MONTH—- September! I’m excited for my birthday, but I’m actually more excited about AUTUMN! Yes, I’m that basic cool girl that likes pumpkin flavored everything, cooler weather, the leaves changing colors, Starbucks pumpkin spiced lattes & Halloween! It’s my favorite Season folks!

Anyway, I wanted to muster up a birthday wishlist, just for fun! I know I probably won’t be getting any of these things, since I’ve spoiled the shit out of myself this past month! (I’ve bought myself too many pairs of shoes, a beautiful Kate Spade bag, and two pairs of J.Crew pants!) I really don’t need anything, to be honest.

If you don’t know already, I’m obsessed with Audrey Hepburn. She is my all time favorite person. I collect books about her, and I haven’t gotten this one yet…. So of course this would make a great addition to my collection. Found here.



Of course pretty candles are always a must! All found on Anthropologie’s website.

A23922164_046_b10 39319876_017_b


This adorable print made by Rifle Paper Co. but only exclusive at Lavish.


This perfume! I have Blooming Bouquet and LOVE it! I think this one would make a great addition in my perfume collection! Found in Nordstrom or Sephora.



Like I said, I don’t really want much mostly because I’ve spoiled myself this past month! I would much rather have a weekend getaway somewhere & celebrate! I talked about 3 places I would love to go for my birthday getaway right here.

I hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday!


bags i’m loving: madewell edition.

Since I’m starting school this Fall, I’m looking for a new bag! Something that holds up well, that won’t break, doesn’t  look OR feel cheap. So I’m willing to fork out extra money for good quality. I found a few bags (some I’ve been eyeing for years) and thought I’d share them with you.


the transport satchel (madewell) found here.



the transport tote (madewell) found here.



the holepunch transport tote (madewell) found here.


the east-west transport tote (madewell) found here.


Which one do you like the best?

Do you have any bags from madewell? If so, how did you like them?



my current travel wishlist.

Since it’s summer, and I’m not in school – I’m dreaming of traveling somewhere far away. I haven’t been anywhere for this summer break… YET. Except Los Angeles, but that doesn’t count because I’m from there, and that’s where my family is! I am always visiting LA every few months.

Here are some of my top picks, of places I’m dying to visit at the moment. None of these will be out of the country because my boyfriend needs to renew his passport (and it’s taking him FOREVER TO DO- UGH!)



I’ve been DYING to visit Charleston for years and years. My grandmother is actually from South Carolina, but has lived in California for over 30 years. I’m most interested in seeing what the South has to offer: eating seafood & southern comfort food, seeing the historical sites, beautiful Southern homes with wrap-around-porches, and the amazing Spanish moss that grows on trees. I love the idea of sipping sweet tea, strolling the beautiful downtown area! Also, seeing my grandma’s home state would be amazing!


I already have a long list of places I want to see, eat, and visit. I hope to go here soon. Crossing my fingers.



Savannah! Also in the South, known for their food, beautiful scenery, and history! I have heard nothing but good things about this city. I have been dying to go here as well! If I ever get to Charleston, I’m making the drive to Savannah (it’s not that far). I am so interested in seeing the beautiful old plantation homes, and learning more about them.




I have never really explored the East Coast before. I have been wanting to go to Maine, for a long time. I actually want to go during the summer months and the Autumn months. Autumn is my favorite season, I’ve seen pictures of all the beautiful trees changing colors- SO stunning! But I can only imagine what it would look like in person. Not only am I going for the beautiful scenery (which is a huge part of it) but for the SEAFOOD! Eating a lobster roll from Maine is on my wishlist! I want delicious, fresh seafood all day! Another thing I’m looking forward to, is seeing some light houses. I just think it’s such a picturesque place, so I hope to visit soon.




Another beautiful place by the sea. I’m drawn to water, it’s perfect for a relaxing vacation. It has quaint little shops and restaurants. Cape Cod is known for their cute cottages, which I’m in love with. I definitely want to explore this area! Cape Cod compromises of 15 towns (I didn’t know this!) Bourne, Sandwich, Falmouth, Mashpee, Barnstable, Yarmouth, Harwich, Dennis, Brewster, Chatham, Orleans, Eastham, Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown. I’m sure there is A LOT to see and do in each town. I mean, just look at these pictures….

Light house on Cape Cod, MA. USAhome-cape-cod-harbourd616076db4ba0f648383397bcb5a5eb7


So these are my top places I want to visit. Of course I have tons and tons of other places, but these are the ones I want to go to within the next year! What are some of  your places you want to see/visit? Have you been to any of the ones I’ve mentioned?- if so, how did you like it?



*none of these photos are mine. I got them off of google.

kitchen inspiration: wishlist.

Hello, and happy June 1st! I thought it would be fun to show you guys some of the things I’m eyeing for my kitchen… not buying yet because I have to save up $$$.

I live in an apartment, and it’s big enough for kitchen table, but for some reason we don’t have one. It’s super annoying eating dinner on the floor, or sitting on a couch (ugh). BUT I found an amazing one from Crate & Barrel and although it’s a little pricey, I don’t want to settle for anything else. My heart is set on this table & cute chairs.

French Kitchen Table found here.

Also, I’d want the same chairs, found on the same link as above.


Next, I’ve been DYING for my very own espresso machine. I’ve been doing some research, and the good quality ones are NOT cheap. You can easily spend over $500 on a good espresso machine. But here is the one I think is beautiful. You can find it here.


I love Anthropologie everything and anything! Their kitchenware is always fun and quirky! I love these dinner plates! How fun would these be to eat off of? You can find them here.


Also, add these to my list. I’m a sucker for anything pink and romantic/whimsical! Find them here.


I’m in need of a cheese board! Look how cute this one is! Find it on (sorry the link wouldn’t work). It is called Sissinghurst Castle Cheese Board.



I hope you all have a wonderful day! I’m officially on Summer break! This is the first time I’m not taking summer classes & I couldn’t be more excited!! Time to relax, read books, watch t.v. and do absolutely nothing!



march wishlist: shoes i’m drooling over.

Hey everyone!

How has the month of March been for you so far? I’ve been focusing on school and working out, it takes so much time and energy.

But I’m back with a fun post: all about shoes. I’m a huge shoe whore. I have a ton of shoes, but I’m starting to get to the point where I only want to really spend money on QUALITY. So these shoes that I’ve been eyeing, aren’t cheap, but they are good quality shoes that should last a long time. It’s nice to splurge on yourself, when you have money!


Joni Platform Clog found here.



Charade Espadrille Wedge found here.



Villa Platform Pump found here.



New Balance 620 Sneakers found here.



All Black Fishscale Flats found here.


These are all so beautiful. I did actually purchase a pair of new shoes that weren’t on the list & they are these gorgeous clogs from Free People. If you’d like to see there click here. I got them in black! I couldn’t be more excited to get them in the mail and wear them.


Hope you all have a great day.



current wishlist: home related.

I’m currently swooning over some items:



CucinaPro heart shaped waffle maker found here.


KitchenAid electric kettle in the color pistachio found here.


Tufted corduroy floor pillow in the color mauve found here.


San Francisco embroidered pillow from Pottery Barn found here.


Obsessed with this Pink Crosley portable record player found here.

What are some items on your wishlist? Most of these things are home related, because I love decorating. I like to change things up a lot, and I’m not 100% done with decorating the apartment we live in. Hopefully I can score some of the items on the list….