I’m so happy to be working with Maple Holistics again! They were kind enough to reach out & send me their Silk18 shampoo for a product review. If you’re interested in reading a previous product review I wrote for Maple Holistics, click here.

SILK18 shampoo is great to protect against split ends, damage, dryness, dandruff, and hair fall. I’ve been using this shampoo for two weeks and it’s been so nice! I am currently in the postpartum stage of my hair falling out (super annoying), so knowing this shampoo helps with that, is such a plus. I love how nourished and fresh my hair feels after each use. This shampoo is great for all hair types and people with sensitive skin. Also, they have new packaging- and their bottles have a sleeker look! Love that.

Overall thoughts & reasons why I recommend this product: it’s cruelty free, they have recycled packaging, it’s made in the U.S.A., it’s sulfate & paraben-free, it leaves my hair feeling fresh & clean, it helps with dandruff,  and it smells so good!

They have so many other great products: hair care, skin care, bath & body, and personal care. The next product I want to try is their Argan Oil Shampoo & Conitioner set. This set is all about moisture & hair strength!

Check out their blog post for more information about damaged hair.


*thank you Maple Holistics; all opinions and thoughts are my own.



Hi everyone! I’m so excited because I get to share a product I’ve been using for a couple weeks now, that I love! If you haven’t read my first review for Carbon Coco- READ IT HERE. I’m so grateful that they were kind enough to send me their new flavor SWEET MINT ACTIVATED CHARCOAL TOOTH POLISH.

After trying the sweet mint flavor, I actually now prefer it over the original, just because I love mint-flavor EVERYTHING! It’s so refreshing and  available for a limited time only, so pick up a few of these while you can (a little goes a long way)! After using the activated charcoal tooth polish, I then brush my teeth with the activated charcoal toothpaste, which is in spearmint flavor– yum!

I’m a huge coffee drinker, and I’ve noticed these products helped make my teeth whiter! My teeth were never horribly yellow to begin with, but they definitely weren’t as white as they are now after using the tooth polish & toothpaste!


Also, you may be wondering (since I am pregnant) are these products safe to use while pregnant & breastfeeding? If you take a look at their FAQ PAGE it is safe! These are 100% natural products, and when you’re pregnant your gums are more sensitive– so take care of your mouth! Also, for you animal lovers out there– they do NOT test on animals! That’s something I think is super important, and I’m proud to use their products!

Like I’ve mentioned before on my previous review for Carbon Coco, these do NOT make my teeth sensitive, like other teeth whitening products have before in the past. That’s probably the biggest plus about Carbon Coco! If you’re thinking about giving them a try, go to their WEBSITE. The next items from their website I’d love to try is the CARBON AQUA FLOSSER & their TONGUE CLEANER. These both look amazing! I hope you all give them a try as well!


*c/o Carbon Coco, all thoughts and reviews are my own.



I’m super excited about today’s post! I’ve been wanting to try teeth whitening products for a long time, but I’ve been apprehensive about it. My reasoning? I didn’t want something to irritate my mouth, or make my teeth hurt/overly sensitive. I drink coffee DAILY, so I know my teeth could use a boost!

I got so excited when CARBON COCO reached out to me to try their products. A little bit about them: they are an Australian based company that provides all-natural teeth whitening & oral care.


I got the ULTIMATE CARBON KIT and it includes: a bamboo bristle toothbrush, activated charcoal tooth polish, and activated charcoal toothpaste.

My thoughts: The toothbrush is great, and the bristles are very soft. The activated charcoal tooth polish was interesting to use at first; I wasn’t used to having black stuff all over my teeth. Haha!  But I got used to it after a few times. How did it taste? It didn’t have a distinct taste to it (I was certain it was going to taste weird because of how it looked, but it didn’t). After the tooth polish, you use the activated charcoal toothpaste. I love that it is spearmint flavor, refreshing and it foams up so nicely! I started seeing results in a little over a week into using both the polish & toothpaste (it’s recommended to use them twice daily which I did). It didn’t make my teeth sensitive or hurt which was a MAJOR bonus for me because I’ve experienced that with whitening strips & I never used them again. I’m very satisfied with my experience and results using Carbon Coco, thank you Carbon Coco!



Something I really love & appreciate about Carbon Coco? They are vegan-friendly & cruelty-free! Yay! I hope you guys check out CARBON COCO & get whiter teeth! Visit & follow them on their INSTAGRAM PAGE for more information.


I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!



*c/o Carbon Coco, all thoughts and reviews are my own.


Happy Friday, I hope everyone had a great week. The weather has been nearly perfect! I’m looking forward to the weekend, maybe go on a little hike or walk by the beach. What are your plans?

Anyway, a company I have worked with before (see from this blogpost) Maple Holistics was generous enough to let me test out their #1 best selling conditioner: Silk 18. I was super excited to see how it smelled and what it could do for my hair.

First off, it smells SO good. I’m a huge fan of vanilla scents, and this conditioner smells like a vanilla cupcake. YUM. I love how soft it leaves my hair feeling after one wash. I’ve used this conditioner for almost 2 weeks, and it’s become apart of my hair routine. I have mentioned before that I like to change up my hair products, and I think this is one you should try!

I like a conditioner that makes my hair shiny, moisturized, smooth, and doesn’t weigh my hair down. I think Silk 18 does a good job of fulfilling my hair needs! It is sulfate free, contains amino acids, argan, shea butter, jojoba, and botanical keratin. I love it! Can I mention that it’s also reallllly affordable?

Make sure to get your free samples here. You can try different products for free, like their tea tree oil, biotin shampoo, and much more.

Also check out their their blog for more information!


Have a great weekend!





*complimentary from Maple Holistics, all reviews are my own.


Hey everyone!

I have an exciting product review today from Maple Holistics. I’m super excited that they reached out to me to test their TEA TREE OIL SHAMPOO.

What I loved about this shampoo? Well, this tea tree oil shampoo is cruelty-free, parabens-free, GMO-free, and gluten free.

These are some of the many benefits tea tree oil shampoo offers (from their website):

-Promotes healthy hair growth.

-Can slow hair loss, shedding, and thinning hair.

-Helps prevent flaking and dandruff.

-Capable of soothing an irritated scalp.

-Potential to naturally eradicates lice.

-Leaves hair and scalp rejuvenated and fresh.


I love the way tea tree oil smells, I know for some people it may be overbearing, but I enjoy the minty freshness of it! Sometimes I struggle with dandruff, and this is the perfect shampoo to keep your scalp clean and healthy. I’ve noticed I’m not scratching my scalp as often, and my hair feels softer. Yay! I’m looking forward to using the rest of the bottle up!

If you would like to test out a FREE SAMPLE from Maple Holistics, CLICK THIS LINK. I hope you guys take advantage & get your own free sample! For those of you who love all natural products that are cruelty free- this is worth trying out.







*this product was given to me complimentary for testing/reviewing purposes.

REVIEW: L’Oréal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Clay Line.

My friends over at Influenster were kind enough to send me a L’Oréal Extraordinary Clay VoxBox! I love testing out hair products, especially since I use shampoos & conditioners everyday!

Well, L’Oréal came out with a line specifically meant for people who have oily roots and dry ends. This hair mask/shampoo/conditioner is silicone free (awesome) and meant to last up to 48 hours.

It is a three step process (and I do this once a week, max twice). These products are super lightweight and fresh! They smell great, and soak up all my oils! I really love these products.

You can get these products from L’Oréal’s website. Also, they are super affordable, ranging from $4.99-$6.99! You can’t beat that!

If you have oily roots and ends that need some hydrating, I think you should give this extraordinary clay line a chance! I really loved testing out these products. I was a little skeptical of the clay mask pre-shampoo treatment, since you have to put it on dry hair (THEN rinse it in the shower) but it works wonderfully! Thank you Influenster!


*all products were sent to me complimentary of Influenster for testing/reviewing purposes. all thoughts and opinions are my own.

review: kerastase paris resistance shampoo & masque.


It’s been a long time since I’ve done a review, and Influenster was kind enough to send me the Kerastase Transforms voxbox. The box comes with a shampoo & hair masque (so awesome)! Before receiving this box, I can say I have never tried this brand before- but I’ve heard about it. I love trying out new brands.


I showered the next day, to test these products out…. and fell in love. First off, the smell of these products is divine. The directions say: use the shampoo & then rise. Next, put the hair masque on & let it sit for about 5 minutes, then rinse. My hair instantly felt smoother and softer, while I was washing it out. (i love that feeling!)

The resistance line is meant for damaged hair, so if you use heat tools or damaged your hair from dyeing it- this line is for you.


After my hair air dried it felt very soft, nourished, smooth, and smelled SO GOOD. I am going to purchase these at my local Target after I use them all up. The quality of these hair products is worth the money you’d spend (they are more than your average drug store shampoo). I have used them for about 2 weeks now, and I felt it was enough time to give my honest review.  You can find the hair masque here.

If you are curious on trying these out- I say go for it! It wouldn’t hurt to try out a bottle of shampoo to see if you like it!


*I was given this box complimentary of Influenster for testing/reviewing purposes, all opinions are my own.

review: irresistible me diamond hair styler.

Hi loves! I have a very exciting post for you all.

Irresistible Me was kind enough to send one of their hair straighteners to test out, and review!

First off, I was so impressed by the packaging! Looking at the box, I knew straight away that this company cares a lot about quality and presentation. It came in perfect condition, the straightener was in bubble wrap for extra protection. As you open the box, it has tons of information about the product. I found this super helpful!


I used this straightener to curl my hair. I like loose waves, and decided to try it out. (You can also straighten if you want a sleek look!)

Just so you have a reference this is my hair before:

csqvwgkumaar3o5 csqvwgkusaadzsn

Here is my hair after I curled it with the Diamond Hair Styler. I love how my hair turned out! You can find this hair straightener here.


So pretty! I really enjoyed using this straightener, love the bright red color too! It comes with a booklet with helpful tips, like what temperature to set the tool according to the “thickness/thinness” of your hair– Which is so nice! No one wants to burn their hair and damage it!

Thank you so much to Irresistible Me for sending me this professional styling iron! I hope you check out their website! They also have hair extensions, hair accessories, and much more!






*All opinions and thoughts are my own.

review: suave professionals refresh & revive dry shampoo.


Influenster sent me this purple box to test out- how cute is this?! Inside is a Suave refresh & revive dry shampoo!


Dry shampoo is a favorite product of mine for many reasons. Not only does it add lots volume to your hair, it saves you time & energy not having to wash it everyday. It’s a WIN/WIN!


I loved the way this particular dry shampoo smelled. It has a fresh/floral scent! It absorbs oil, and doesn’t weigh my hair down like some other products have in the past. I have thick and wavy hair (just as a reference): this product worked amazing for me.


I love my hair, and I try my hardest for it to look healthy and shiny. I don’t wash my hair everyday (unless I absolutely have to), but I do have really oily hair naturally- so this dry shampoo has been a life savor!




Thank you Influenster for sending me this dry shampoo!

*this product was sent to me complimentary for testing/reviewing purposes from Influenster.

review: marc jacobs glow stick.

I’m so excited for this post! Influenster sent out Marc Jacobs Glow Sticks, that are to DIE for. I am a huge fan of Marc Jacobs & his beauty line (amazing products) so I was very excited when Influenster generously sent me this box.


First off, the packaging…. is just so BEAUTIFUL! Sleek, simple, classic. I can’t get over how good the quality is. Easy to use, all you have to do is take the top off and twist for the product to come up.

Ck8p67KUkAA4YTu Ck8p6_4UkAA1zgC

You can put the product on directly, or use a brush/beauty blender for a more natural finish. Put it on your cupids bow, bridge of your nose, your eyebrow bone and/or on top of your cheekbones for a beautiful glow! In the pictures below I put it on my arm & hand to show the beautiful product.


I absolutely love the color, it’s a beautiful pearl finish with gold and silver pigments. I cannot wait to use this for a date night, and add a little touch of glamour for my everyday makeup look! I’ve tried a ton of highlighters/illuminators & this is by far my favorite! Thank you influenster & Marc Jacobs for this beautiful glow stick. I approve!


*this product was sent to me complimentary for testing/reviewing purposes from Influenster.