I’m so happy to finally share our little secret we’ve been keeping from social media: WE ARE EXPECTING! It’s still so crazy to me, because I am still in shock over the fact that I am pregnant! Many of you might know I’ve dealt with a lot of health problems; I was diagnosed with Prolactinoma a few years ago & had to be put on medication to regulate my prolactin levels & regulate my periods. The medication was mandatory, if I ever wanted to have children in the future (because having prolactinoma can affect fertility!) So becoming pregnant without any trouble, was truly a huge blessing. I’m very thankful. 

Tomorrow I am 15 weeks pregnant! My estimated due date is December 6th, 2018. I am in my second trimester & I have been lucky enough to have an “easy” pregnancy thus far.

NO MORNING SICKNESS AT ALL. Just very tired! I do notice that if I don’t eat on time or wait too long to eat, I can become sick or nauseas! So I try and snack, drink water, and eat when my body is telling me that I’m hungry.

A lot of you may know this already, but my twin sister is ALSO pregnant! She is currently 31 weeks along! We are about 4 months apart, and I’m SO grateful to be pregnant together. Although we live 6 hours away, that’s not a forever thing. I do plan on moving back after baby is born & school is done… which leads me to my next topic: College.

I am only two semesters away from graduating college, but since I’m pregnant I’m taking some time off from school! I made the decision to finish strong & complete my degree at SFSU! My graduation date has been pushed back, but it doesn’t even matter to me at this point! As long as I complete college, that’s all that matters to me!

This past weekend we went down to Los Angeles to celebrate my twin sister’s baby shower, and to take some pregnancy announcement photos! My brother-in-law did such an amazing job! I am in love with how they turned out!! I picked Descanso Gardens, and it truly was the perfect location.


We also found out the sex of the baby: it’s a GIRL! I went to the same place my sister went to find out her baby’s sex. We are both having girls!!! We already have a name picked out, but won’t be sharing until way later on, or maybe even after birth! It’s an exciting time for sure, so many life changes happening- and I cannot believe we are in this next chapter of our lives. I’ve always known I wanted to be a mother, and my goal was to have my first baby before 30. Baby girl will be born after my 26th birthday, and I think it worked out perfectly.

Dexter, my partner, is over the moon with excitement & joy. He is going to be a great daddy to our little one. We’ve known each other/ had our first date 7 years ago. Although our relationship has experienced many highs & lows; I’m so thankful for the short amount of time we spent apart over a year ago, because it’s made us grateful for one another. It’s put the important things into perspective. I can’t wait to see where life takes us. I love being on this new adventure together.