Yesterday we took a little day trip to Healdsburg, I’ve only been once before but it’s become a favorite place of mine. It takes about 2 hours to get there from my house, but the drive is so worth it. I love driving past the cows and vineyards.

Of course one of the reasons why I go to Healdsburg is for SHED. If you’re ever in the area, GO HERE! It is a coffee bar, restaurant, market, and fermentation bar all in one. I’m obsessed with their flowers, fresh fruit + veggies, baked goods, cheeses, and home decor.

Look at these pink beauties! I’m obsessed with them!

I wish I could have taken all the flowers and fruits home with me!


We got seating on their charming back patio, and ordered from their brunch menu. We shared the homemade bread, butter & olive oil. YUM. I got the summer melon & cucumber salad. It had feta, watermelon radishes, and Indian pickled lime. My boyfriend got the anson mills stone ground polenta. It had a slow poached egg, wild mushrooms, garlic scrapes, and swiss chard. The food never disappoints!


Next, we went to get dessert! I had heard about this amazing place called Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar. I wanted to see what all the hype was about… and let me just tell you this place is delicious. WOW. I got their homemade strawberry + blueberry pie a la mode. Definitely worth every bite!

It was a fun-filled day. I haven’t been here since last October, so it was long overdue! I’m hoping to make my way here again, if my parents decide to come visit in October. I’d love to show them around this cute little town.

By the way, I am 25 weeks pregnant already! I’m starting to feel my belly get bigger and bigger by the day. It’s starting to get harder to tie my shoes, get comfortable in bed, and I’m out of breath a lot of the time. But I’m starting to feel her kicks more, which is so nice because of my anterior placenta! I swear her kicks were so light, now they are getting stronger. It’s so surreal, I know I keep saying this, but I don’t think it’s truly hit me that I’m going to have a child in a few months. But she’s coming… countdown: 14 weeks 4 days left. 



two months until my birthday: ideas of where to go.

Today marks two months until my birthday (oh my gosh! it’s right around the corner…)

I will be turning twenty-four & thought it would be fun to share some places I’d love to go for my special day. Since it’s the last day of September, I usually always celebrate in October. This year will be extra fun because my birthday lands on a Friday, so I can celebrate all weekend long. (yay!)

What I really want for my birthday is to do a weekend getaway. (I know money is going to be a little tight because we are moving in November- so we need to save all we can for a moving truck, deposit for the new apartment, etc.) But I’m hoping we can sneak a weekend trip in!

Knowing I can only choose some place local, these are the ones that stand out to me the most. They are also places I have yet to visit.


weather-sig ca11190Headlands_Inn_Bed_and_Breakfast_Mendocino_California_49500-1

A little over three hours away from where we live, it’s a little coastal town right by Fort Bragg. They have wine tasting, whale watching (depending on the time of the year), hiking trails, cute bed & breakfast inns, downtown area, and so much more. It’s definitely on the short list for my birthday getaway!




I’ve driven through Monterey, but never actually spent time here. Some of the things I’d love to do if I visit for my birthday weekend are: go to the aquarium (I’ve been wanting to go for a long time), eat and stroll the downtown area, and enjoy the view of the ocean! It’s so beautiful along the California coast.



236789 Jordan-Wineryhealdsburg

This location I’m most excited to write about, and to be honest if I could choose any of the three- this is the WINNER! It’s located in Sonoma County, with a lot of beautiful vineyards and wineries. This has been on my list of “places to visit” for more than two years! I think it’s time to check if off my list, right? They have wine tasting, a cute downtown area with amazing restaurants, hiking trails, historic plaza, and a museum. This place seems so quaint and romantic. A perfect place to relax and start the journey of being 24!


Is it too early to start planning my birthday?






*none of these images are mine, I found them off of google.