One of my favorite things to do is trying new places to eat. I’m huge on aesthetics/decor when it comes to restaurants or cafes. How do I find the cute gems if it’s not a recommendation from a friend? I use Yelp! No, seriously. Yelp never really disappoints- and I use it ALL THE TIME. Who doesn’t use Yelp nowadays?

This past week I hit up 3 adorable places, one being a cafe. I thought I’d share, just in case anyone wanted to try these places out. They are all in San Francisco.

  • PALM HOUSE. (cow hollow)

What did I order? Huevos Rancheros. Worth it? Beyond worth it, so freakin’ good. Not pictured, but try the Caribbean Iced Coffee- oh my.


What did I order? Pork salad, Greek fries & a glass of Rosé. Worth it? Absolutely! This huge bowl of salad filled me up, and they were not stingy with the pork. SO DELICIOUS. It had fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, kale, pickled red onions, and feta cheese. I’m totally going back- and the great thing is they have multiple locations in the city!

  • THE MILL. (NOPA/alamo square)

What did I order? Latte & cinnamon toast! Is it worth it? Yes, if you love a fancy latte & a place to come relax/ hang out with a friend/ do some schoolwork. They make all their loaves fresh (yum) and even have pizza night from 6-9pm every evening (which I haven’t had… yet).

Do you have any recommendations for me- not just in San Francisco, but in the Bay Area? I would also love some spots in Los Angeles (since I visit frequently)! Stay tuned for more Eating in the City posts.



Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. I went to a delicious Mexican restaurant in Cole Valley yesterday, and had to share my experience. I LOVE good Mexican food, and if you do too- you have to try this place!

Location: Cole Valley in San Francisco




The cocktails were amazing! My boyfriend got Buenos Dias & I got La Dama. You can see what was inside our drinks in the menu down below. Super delicious! I love trying new drinks.




I decided to get the carnitas tacos, and it was magical. OH MY GOSH. The carnitas were juicy and so flavorful. The habanero slaw and guacamole were out of this world! As I’m typing this post, my mouth is watering.


There is outdoor seating, seating in the main area, and to the back there is a full bar & more tables. Customer service was good- no complaints. There wasn’t a wait time to get seated Sunday around noon, the server took us as soon as we walked in (which is always so nice when you’re starving!) I highly recommend Padrecito! If you have any food recommendations in the city (bay area in general), let me know! I love trying new places.