I’m officially TWENTY-FIVE!

I spent this past weekend in Los Angeles with family to celebrate! We went to this cool restaurant in West Hollywood that my twin sister wanted to go to: Barton G. The only reason I know about this place is because it was on The Real Housewives of OC. Haha! It was such an experience, I highly recommend going at least one time! It was over the top- amazing food & drinks.




Taking a bite out of Marie Antoinette’s cotton candy hair! How fun is this? The bananas foster on the side was amaaazing as well.


Some things I want to accomplish being 25 years old:

  • Save up for a new car
  • Pay off all my debt & increase my credit score
  • Travel some place new
  • Lose weight! (My goal is 35 lbs overall)
  • Read more books


I hope twenty-five is going to be a great year for me. I’m slowly inching closer to 30! It’s so strange because l feel like I just turned 20, yesterday! Since I know time flies by way too fast, I’ll soak it all in.




Hey- remember me?

I have not posted a blog in weeks due to school. I’m taking 4 classes, and all are really challenging to say the least. I have been swamped with work, group projects, and when I’m not at school all I want to do is watch Real Housewives. This semester is off to a hard start, so I can’t imagine how exhausted I’m going to be come November and December. Ugh.

But enough about that- my 25th birthday is only a few days away {on the 30th} and this past weekend I celebrated it early! I hung out in San Francisco one day, and the next I took a day trip up to Sonoma County. The weather was perfect and sunny both days! I am already planning my next visit to Sonoma, because there’s still a lot more I want to see.

Here are a few pictures from San Francisco:



Here are a few pictures wine tasting and exploring Sonoma:





I even went to Ford Cappola Winery- but I didn’t take any good pictures except for the outside & sipping on a cocktail by the pool bar! By then, I was too tipsy to focus on taking pictures!



I had such a beautiful weekend. I am looking forward to celebrating again with my family (and most importantly, my twin sister). Stay tuned for Birthday Celebrations Part II!