Saying goodbye to 2019.

Christmas is officially over, and things have calmed down. I have been reminiscing a lot about 2019: there were many highs and lows. 2019 was a huge year because it was my first official year of motherhood. So many emotions! My patience has been tested, so many lessons I’ve learned along the way. As I look back, I cannot believe it went by in a blink! Where did the year truly go? I have no idea… Eloise has been my main focus and it’s so bittersweet looking back on photos of her being a tiny sweet newborn. Time truly waits for no one!


My sweet girl only a few months old!



Another high of 2019: I asked my partner to be my husband! I PROPOSED! If you missed that post you can read it HERE. I loved our engagement… a warm March day by the ocean. Muir Beach in Northern California will forever hold a special place in my heart. 2020 is going to be the year we finally say “I DO”! It’s exciting… and long overdue.




2019 we did a bit of traveling: Northern California, New England, Colorado, and Utah (for some national parks). I have to say… New England during Autumn was hands down my favorite trip of 2019! It was PURE MAGIC! It was also Eloise’s first plane ride, and she did so amazing. (I stressed out for nothing!) I’m really hoping 2020 brings more adventures… and I’m crossing my fingers it’s international. Some places I’d love to visit in 2020: Hawaii (Maui of course!), the Bay Area- to visit friends and our old stomping grounds, and Europe (hoping we can go to the Netherlands & France). I know that’s a lot to hope for… but I’m putting it out in the universe. ๐Ÿ˜‰


A pic from New England… pure beauty!



I am also pleased with all the reading I did in 2019. I’m going to officially make a “reading” goal for 2020- be on the lookout for that! My favorite books of 2019? The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides you can find HERE. Also The Editor by Steven Rowley you can find HERE. I actually met Steven Rowley at a book signing in Pleasanton, California. He was so friendly, and gave good advice on anyone aspiring to write their own novel (yup, I asked). I already have a stack of books going into 2020 that I want to read- I’m so excited! I signed up & am officially a member for BOOK OF THE MONTH. If you’d like to sign up too- CLICK THIS LINK. ๐Ÿ™‚


This year I turned 27 years old… and I feel content growing older. I lost a lot of weight, but want to focus on feeling healthier and stronger. I’m hoping I can stop my lazy ways, and start a workout I am truly passionate about. I start school again in FALL 2020! I have one year left until I graduate, and that’s probably the biggest goal set for myself. FINISH SCHOOL: COMPLETE MY BACHELOR’S DEGREE. It’s been a crazy journey, but taking time off from school to focus on being a mother has been the greatest blessing. I am fortunate to stay home with Eloise- but I need to finish what I started. I need to show Ellie that no matter what struggles and hardships I endured: mommy finished strong!



I have been lagging on my blog this entire year… it took the backseat because I’ve been so busy or tired adjusting to mom life. But I want to explore my creative side more! I want to do fun posts about fashion, food, motherhood + travel. I want 2020 to be the best year yet… and venture outside of my comfort zone. I hope you all have an amazing New Year! What goals do you want to accomplish this New Year? Any travel plans? I’d love to read them. I wish you all good health, happiness, success, and lots of love. See you in the New Year!







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