Planning a baby’s nursery is something I’ve dreamt about for a long time. What color theme will it be? Where should I put the crib? I hope to have some nice bookshelves in his/her room! These are all things I’ve thought about, but sometimes that’s not reality. We live in an apartment & I made a decision not to get an extra room for her. By the time our lease ends, she will only be 6 months old and she wouldn’t have used the extra room because I plan to have her in our room sleeping in her bassinet for the first 6 months.

So no decorating a baby nursery this moment, but we will when our lease is up & we move into a house! I’m definitely looking forward to that, but I think we made the right decision to save some money and not waste it on a room she wasn’t going to sleep in/use!

I’ll probably do a nursery post when the time comes, but for now I want to show you a few things on my wish list!














I love gold accents, if you couldn’t tell. I want her room to feel light & airy, but also whimsical! It’ll be fun to see if my mind will change about any of these pieces a year from now! Regardless, I look forward to decorating her nursery next year. It’ll give me time to save money and spend it on the expensive pieces, like the crib!

Hope you all have a lovely week! I’m currently in Southern California hanging out with my twin sister, since she is due the 13th of August… just waiting for baby Addie to make her grand appearance ūüėČ



So I’ve made my baby registry with Target and Buy Buy Baby… and it was a very overwhelming process! I did mine all online, and there was so many baby products to choose from. I’ll share some favorites on my list:

STROLLER: UPPAbaby Vista Stroller in Emmet

This stroller is VERY pricey, but I’ve heard nothing but amazing things! I definitely don’t expect anyone to purchase this stroller for me, but it’s worth putting on the registry! I love the pink “Sabrina” color, but I want something gender neutral, the green color is gorgeous! I’m also obsessed with the bassinet & how it’s perfect for up to 3 children! I think it’s a good investment.

CARSEAT: UPPAbaby Mesa Infant Car Seat

Since I want the UPPAbaby stroller, getting the Mesa carseat just makes sense. It has some incredible reviews!

BABY CARRIER: Tula Free to Grow Carrier in Blossom

Everyone seems to really enjoy this baby carrier. I also would love to add a wrap/baby sling on my list, but haven’t picked which brand. If you have any baby carriers that you absolutely love, feel free to leave them down in the comments! I would really appreciate it.

BABY SAFETY: Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

This is something that’s on the top of my wish list. It’s a monitor that you put on your baby’s foot to track their heart rate and oxygen levels. It’s something for you to have peace of mind because SIDS is a real concern for newborns. I’m gifting my sister one!

DIAPER BAG: Ju-ju-be Rose BFF Diaper Bag in Whimsical Watercolor

It was so hard to narrow down & pick a diaper bag! I haven’t seen this one in person… yet. But I love how this can be worn as a backpack, it has a lot of pockets (even insulated pockets for bottles), and I’m obsessed with the print! A few people mentioned they love this diaper bag & recommended it to me, so for now this is my top choice!

NURSING PILLOW: Boppy Nursing Pillow in Gray

I just love this fun print! It’s so cute. I want to breastfeed, so I heard this will really come in handy.


I have a ton of other things on our registry: diapers, muslin swaddle blankets, burp cloths, a humidifier, an air purifier, a baby monitor, car seat cover, baby bath, sound machine, bottles, breast pump, etc. If you have any favorite baby items, share them with me! I’d love to know.



I’m officially 20 weeks pregnant! Oh boy, we are halfway there. I don’t feel prepared at all, but I think that has a lot to do with all of the unknowns and this being my first rodeo!

I had my 20 week anatomy scan done yesterday, so I’m hoping everything turns out fine with the baby’s growth & progress. It’s always nerve-wrecking to wonder if everything is measuring accordingly, and that her heart and every other organ is fine. Dexter was in the room with me the whole time, so it was so great seeing baby E for 40 minutes! She was tossing and turning a lot, and when it was time to make sure she was a girl (since we already did a gender scan at 14 weeks, I wanted a second confirmation)… she was NOT having it. Her legs were crossed the entire time & did not undo her ankles. She’s a stubborn one, just like her mama. The technician said she didn’t see anything “poking out” but couldn’t give us a definite answer, so she’s still a girl until further notice. Hah! I think at my next DR visit, I’ll ask for a blood test to confirm the gender if they don’t want to do another ultrasound.

Yesterday I also found out I have anterior placenta… meaning my placenta is positioned on the front side of my womb, or my stomach side. This makes sense as to why I haven’t felt the baby kick/move at ALL! I was starting to worry, but it’s basically a cushion or barrier between me and the baby, so I should start feeling movement in a few more weeks. I’m so ready to start feeling her move!!


My midwife said I’m right on track with my weight gain. I’ve gained a total of 9 lbs so far. I’m trying my hardest not to gain too much! I started pregnancy already not being my “ideal” weight, so I don’t realistically need to gain more than 20-25 lbs — I started off being too heavy for my height!


I haven’t had any weird cravings. This whole pregnancy I’ve enjoyed eating (and will crave) fresh fruit, smoothies, and the occassional fast food items like french fries & soda! I only enjoy drinking really cold drinks (but this isn’t anything new, because I’ve always preferred cold to hot).


I’ve been feeling great. My energy is back, BUT I can’t do too much or I will get tired quickly. I never had morning sickness or nausea, so I’ve always had an appetite! The only complaints I have thus far is round ligament pain. Oh boy, is that uncomfortable! I can’t walk or stand for long periods of time, or where my bikini line/pelvis is, will start to hurt. It’s the weirdest feeling ever! So I try to take things slow, and sit down when my body tells me to rest My uterus feels heavy, and it’s just amazing how fast my body is making changes and room for this baby to grow! My ligaments are stretching, and it has been uncomfortable.


I thought I’d add this because sleeping has been so UNCOMFORTABLE. I know I’m only 20 weeks along (I can’t imagine being 8-9 months pregnant, ugh) but it’s been a struggle to try and find a comfortable sleeping position. I’m a huge belly sleeper, and that’s just not an option anymore. Dexter did buy me a pregnancy pillow, but it’s not enough for me to sleep soundly through the night, I toss & turn A LOT! Not to mention, I’m getting up to pee 2-3 times a night. Haha!

Next post I want to talk baby related items: diaper bags, strollers, car seats, etc. I already have my eye on a few things I want, and have created a registry, so I don’t mind sharing what’s on my list!




Hi everyone!

I meant to write this post awhile ago, but life has been very busy with moving to a new city and apartment. I have lots more boxes to unpack, but wanted to share my first trimester must haves! Mine will probably be different from other women’s because I did NOT have morning sickness or nausea (keep that in mind).

  1. Good prenatal vitamins.¬†The day I found out I was pregnant I rushed to Target and chose¬†Nature Made Prenatal Multi.¬†I like them a lot! I know that some women get sick/nauseas from taking their prenatal vitamins, but I didn’t. They are inexpensive, too! I only bought the 90 capsules, and did not repurchase because I found these ones called¬†Rainbow Light Prenatal One.¬†Get a good prenatal that works for you!
  2. Make sure to buy good stretch mark lotions/oils!¬†Although stretch marks are genetic, it’s good to moisturize and *try* to minimize them! I already have stretch marks on my thighs/side of my hips from gaining weight in the past. They are white now, but I still want to keep my stretching skin moisturized. For me, getting stretch marks on my stomach is probably inevitable! But my little sister bought me this oil called¬†Mother’s Special Blend All Natural Skin Toning Oil.¬†You can get it from amazon, but she got it from Whole Foods! I don’t love the way it smells, but it leaves your skin feeling VERY moisturized! I slather it on my thighs, stomach, and boobs! I also got this¬†Palmer’s Cocoa Butter¬†from Target! You can put the oil on first, then the lotion for extra moisture.
  3. Baby Center & What to Expect phone apps.¬†It’s always fun to track pregnancy, to see how big your baby is getting and what it looks like. I was amazed with the growth and progress, and I loved reading about each new week with my boyfriend. Baby Center app has something called “birth club” and once you put your approximated due date, you’ll be able to talk to other expecting mamas about…. anything! If you have a question- post it, if you want to rant- post it! When I was feeling cramping in my first trimester, I was so worried but the ladies on there reassured me it was normal! It was just my uterus growing and my body making changes already (as long as you aren’t bleeding!) I highly recommend downloading them both!
  4. Fruit, lots of fruit.¬†Like I mentioned, I was fortunate enough NOT to have morning sickness. I continued to have a great appetite and only had some food aversions (coffee and salads grossed me out). One thing that was strange and I never experienced was HUNGER PAINS & waking up starving. I had to make sure to eat every 2-3 hours or I’d feel like my stomach was empty (that’s the ONLY time I’d get nauseas). The best thing for me to snack on in-between meals? Fruit! I loved eating bananas, mangoes, strawberries and grapes the most! My body craved so much fruit and still does through my second trimester. YUM!
  5. Comfy pants/leggings.¬†Crazy enough, my pants started getting uncomfortable during my first trimester! I literally couldn’t button my pants & SIT comfortably at week 10! I felt SO bloated and fat! So if you’re like me, just do yourself a favor and wear leggings. I kept trying to stuff my ass into my jeans & it was totally uncomfortable. I started wearing maternity jeans by week 12 or so.
  6. Pregnancy journal.¬†As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I went to TJ Maxx and bought a cute journal to write in, to document my pregnancy. I have been HORRIBLE keeping up with it, but I still jot down things going on in my life, symptoms, how I’m feeling, etc. I think it’ll be fun to look back on and read!

I felt great during my first trimester. I was just VERY exhausted! If you’re feeling tired, rest. Take naps & don’t feel bad about it! You’re literally growing a tiny human being. You deserve all the rest you can get, especially before baby comes. If you have nausea, I suggest Ginger Ale,¬†Preggie pops,¬†and lots of water to keep you hydrated!

Today, I am 17 weeks 4 days. A couple more weeks & I am HALFWAY through this pregnancy! Time is FLYING BY, it’s crazy. I get to do my anatomy scan at 20 weeks & hopefully it’s still a little girly ūüėČ I am excited and very anxious, I just want to make sure she is healthy!

Side note: I made a Poshmark, so check it out¬†HERE.¬†ūüôā Talk to you guys soon!




I’m so happy to finally share our little secret we’ve been keeping from social media: WE ARE EXPECTING! It’s still so crazy to me, because I am still in shock over the fact that I am pregnant! Many of you might know I’ve dealt with a lot of health problems; I was diagnosed with Prolactinoma a few years ago & had to be put on medication to regulate my prolactin levels & regulate my periods. The medication was mandatory, if I ever wanted to have children in the future (because having prolactinoma can affect fertility!) So becoming pregnant without any trouble, was truly a huge blessing. I’m very thankful.¬†

Tomorrow I am 15 weeks pregnant! My estimated due date is December 6th, 2018. I am in my second trimester & I have been lucky enough to have an “easy” pregnancy thus far.

NO MORNING SICKNESS AT ALL.¬†Just very tired! I do notice that if I don’t eat on time or wait too long to eat, I can become sick or nauseas! So I try and snack, drink water, and eat when my body is telling me that I’m hungry.

A lot of you may know this already, but my twin sister is ALSO pregnant! She is currently 31 weeks along! We are about 4 months apart, and I’m SO grateful to be pregnant together. Although we live 6 hours away, that’s not a forever thing. I do plan on moving back after baby is born & school is done… which leads me to my next topic: College.

I am only two semesters away from graduating college, but since I’m pregnant I’m taking some time off from school! I made the decision to finish strong & complete my degree at SFSU! My graduation date has been pushed back, but it doesn’t even matter to me at this point! As long as I complete college, that’s all that matters to me!

This past weekend we went down to Los Angeles to celebrate my twin sister’s baby shower, and to take some pregnancy announcement photos! My brother-in-law did such an amazing job! I am in love with how they turned out!! I picked Descanso Gardens, and it truly was the perfect location.


We also found out the sex of the baby: it’s a GIRL! I went to the same place my sister went to find out her baby’s sex. We are both having girls!!! We¬†already have a name picked out, but won’t be sharing until way later on, or maybe even after birth! It’s an exciting time for sure, so many life changes happening- and I cannot believe we are in this next chapter of our lives. I’ve always known I wanted to be a mother, and my goal was to have my first baby before 30. Baby girl will be born after my 26th birthday, and I think it worked out perfectly.

Dexter, my partner, is over the moon with excitement & joy. He is going to be a great daddy to our little one. We’ve known each other/ had our first date 7 years ago. Although our relationship has experienced many highs & lows; I’m so thankful for the short amount of time we spent apart over a year ago, because it’s made us grateful for one another. It’s put the important things into perspective. I can’t wait to see where life takes us. I love being on this new adventure together.



a much needed break.

It’s been too long since I’ve blogged! I’ve been swamped with school/homework/studying/finals. I am so glad to be done with another semester. Two more semesters & I’ll be a college graduate. I’m looking forward to it so much! This semester wasn’t that interesting, most of the classes I took were boring. The only thing I care about is passing them, and getting one step closer to graduation! (phew!)

There’s a couple big changes happening in the near future! The first one being, we are moving again. That’s always a pain in the butt, because I have to start packing and organizing everything. I loathe moving, but I’ve done it so many times I’m basically a pro! I’m moving out of the current city I live in, and I’m looking forward to being in a new area to explore! I’m still in Northern California, and won’t be moving from the Bay Area until I’m done with college, most likely. Next is: my twin sister’s baby shower is happening in under 3 weeks! I cannot wait to share photos! I just ordered her cake from this cute bakery in Los Angeles, I’ve gotten all the cute Etsy baby shower decorations delivered, and I already have my outfit planned! I’m so ready for this big day & to shower my sister with love.

Since my sister is due in August, and I’m not taking summer school classes this year, I’m planning on spending a few weeks with my sister and brother-in-law! I haven’t spent good quality time with her in so long, since we both live 6 hours away from one another. I want to help her with the finishing touches of baby girl’s nursery, go on target/tjmaxx trips together, watch movies, and possibly go to prenatal yoga with her! (so fun!)

Next post should be about the baby shower! I hope everyone has a good rest of their week! Any big life changes happening in your life? Anything exciting going on this summer?





Happy April! Spring is here, the trees are blooming, and my allergies are going NUTS. I have allergies year round, but these past couple of days it’s been so bad. The pollen from the blooms are making my eyes so itchy, ugh. I’m hoping it’ll get better.

Anyway, a couple weekends ago my sisters and our significant others went to Roaring Camp Railroads, in Felton. It was so beautiful, it was my first time there. It’s right next to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, which has beautiful trails to hike on! If you’re ever in the area, I recommend checking it out.

I love being able to spend time with my sisters, especially since my twin sister lives 6 hours away from me. Luckily my little sister is only 1 hour away! So whenever we get together, we always have such a fun time. All of us get along so well, and I hope sometime in the near future we can all live a little bit closer.


It’s a new month, what are some goals you have? I would love to start going on daily walks, or¬† hitting 10,000 steps daily. I think this is a pretty reasonable goal for myself. Eat more fruits & veggies. Drink more water & cut down on caffeine. <—- that will be super hard for me! I’m a big coffee drinker, and have at least 2 cups/day. But I’d like to cut it down to 1 cup/day. Wish me luck!

I hope everyone has a wonderful month ahead! I am literally counting down the days until Spring semester is done and over with: 1 month & 15 days! Haha! There’s so much to look forward to these upcoming months, I’m very excited. I’ll be planning/hosting my sister’s baby shower, hanging out with family, and weekend trips. Talk to you guys soon!



I’m super excited about today’s post! I’ve been wanting to try teeth whitening products for a long time, but I’ve been apprehensive about it. My reasoning? I didn’t want something to irritate my mouth, or make my teeth hurt/overly sensitive. I drink coffee DAILY, so I know my teeth could use a boost!

I got so excited when CARBON COCO reached out to me to try their products. A little bit about them: they are an Australian based company that provides all-natural teeth whitening & oral care.


I got the ULTIMATE CARBON KIT and it includes: a bamboo bristle toothbrush, activated charcoal tooth polish, and activated charcoal toothpaste.

My thoughts: The toothbrush is great, and the bristles are very soft. The activated charcoal tooth polish was interesting to use at first; I wasn’t used to having black stuff all over my teeth. Haha!¬† But I got used to it after a few times. How did it taste? It didn’t have a distinct taste to it (I was certain it was going to taste weird because of how it looked, but it didn’t). After the tooth polish, you use the activated charcoal toothpaste. I love that it is spearmint flavor, refreshing and it foams up so nicely! I started seeing results in a little over a week into using both the polish & toothpaste (it’s recommended to use them twice daily which I did). It didn’t make my teeth sensitive or hurt which was a MAJOR bonus for me because I’ve experienced that with whitening strips & I never used them again. I’m very satisfied with my experience and results using Carbon Coco, thank you Carbon Coco!



Something I really love & appreciate about Carbon Coco? They are vegan-friendly & cruelty-free! Yay! I hope you guys check out CARBON COCO & get whiter teeth! Visit & follow them on their INSTAGRAM PAGE for more information.


I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!



*c/o Carbon Coco, all thoughts and reviews are my own.


Happy March! This past weekend I went down to Southern California to visit my twin sister, her husband, and my parents. I never mentioned it on my blog, but she’s pregnant with her first child! I AM SO EXCITED & HAPPY. I can’t even explain! I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNT! This will be the first grand-child for my parents, so it’s a huge deal.

So the reason for the visit was to find out the gender of the baby. Everyone made bets on what the baby would be, and I was 100% sure the baby would be a boy! But baby Hurst is a…. GIRL! My sister and I went to Target after finding out (of course!), and I had to buy her a little outfit to commemorate the occasion! She is due August, so she’ll be a little summer baby. They already have a name picked out, but won’t share it until she’s born, which I think is a good idea just incase they change their mind!

Everyone is overjoyed! It’s unreal to think that in just 5 short months baby Hurst will be here. I can’t wait to hold her. This is a big life change for everyone, but we are so ready to start this new chapter.



Some things I’m looking forward to?

-Seeing Vicky’s belly grow bigger

-Feeling the baby move

-Planning her baby shower

-Being present for the birth

-Holding baby girl for the first time

I’m a pretty emotional person, so I know the first time I’ll look into her eyes, I’m going to bawl. The next baby related post will be her baby shower, or things I want to buy the baby! Stay tuned, I’m officially THAT AUNT¬†now. HA!





The end of February is finally here. This month flew by for me. It was probably one of the worst months I’ve had since the new year started. I’ve been feeling very stressed out + overwhelmed lately. Things that have to do with my personal life, and with school. Sometimes I feel like it’s never-ending, and I wonder when I’ll be able to catch a break from feeling this way. I’m happy to say BYE to February, but I want to have a positive mindset for March.

So to end February on a good note, I wanted to do a “10 things you didn’t know about me” post. Maybe you’ll learn something new about me, either way here it goes…

ONE: I have 3 siblings: 1 older brother, 1 Fraternal twin sister, and one younger sister.

TWO: When I was in elementary school I wanted to be a Teacher. When I was in middle school I wanted to be an Actress (that was short lived). In high school I changed my mind from News Anchor to Nurse or something to do in Advertising. (I guess you can say I was very indecisive with choosing a distinct career path- can you say TOO MUCH PRESSURE?) What did I ultimately choose? Marketing. I want to have a job where I have the option to work from home. (ha!)

THREE: My dream job? To be a published writer.

FOUR: INFJ personality.

FIVE: I have loved Leonardo DiCaprio since I was 5 years old. Not even joking. He will always be my number one crush. (does anyone not know this already???)

SIX: My first job was being a Carhop for Sonic Drive-In. I fell on my skates too many times to count, so embarrassing! (my twin sister and I both got hired together)

SEVEN: I collect books. Any chance I see a bookstore, I’ll want to go inside.

EIGHT: I studied abroad in Paris a year ago & fell madly in love with traveling and Europe. I did a solo-trip through Italy. (a life highlight/one of my proudest moments, thus far)

NINE:¬†I’m a hopeless romantic, but still very much a realist. Yes, you can be both.

TEN:¬†I have six tattoos. One of them is my grandmother’s birth year. I want more!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. Midterms here I come….