golden globes best dressed.

I managed to watch a little more than half of the Golden Globes, but I only watched it for one reason, but I’ll get to that later.

I love the beautiful dresses, and wanted to choose my top five favorite looks in no particular order:

Emilia Clarke

golden-globes-2016-rooney-maraRooney Mara

golden-globes-2016-lily-jamesLily James

golden-globes-2016-rachel-mccadamsRachel McAdams

golden-globes-2016-eva-greenEva Green

Absolutely stunning dresses! I love Rachel McAdams, she can really do no wrong in my eyes. Her dress may not have been my absolute favorite, but she is just so stunning, of course she made my list!

So, back to the reason WHY I watched the Golden Globes, was for my husband Leo DiCaprio! Anyone that knows me personally, knows my obsession with DiCaprio. I’ve been crushing on him since 1997, when Titanic came out. Yes, I was only five years old, but even being that small, I was like “OMG HE IS SO DREAMY!” He is my absolute favorite actor, and I was cheering for him to win the Golden Globe, which he WON! Yay! He deserved it, and his speech was so amazing. I’m very happy Alejandro Iñárritu won for best director & best picture- he deserved it, as The Revenant was BRILLIANT.


Look how handsome he looks. I am drooling. So talented.



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