You heard that right… E is 1/2 a year old already. We’ve been so busy soaking up these special moments. Eloise now says “mama”- she actually said it for the first time on Mother’s Day. My heart seriously cannot take it. She is rolling everywhere; I wouldn’t be surprised if she started crawling in the next month or so. She is laughing, babbling, screaming, and learning every single day.

I really think this is my favorite age so far. I love how interactive she is. E loves Sesame Street, we sing her favorite songs every day and it makes her smile and get excited. Eloise has also tried carrots and avocado! Next we are going to try green beans and peas.


This girl has her 6 month check up on the 6th, and I’m dreading the fact that she gets more shots. Last time she got shots she ran a fever, wasn’t feeling well and threw up everywhere! Poor baby! I hope it’s better this time around. Ellie has been teething, and will have her good days & her bad days. Teething is no joke… I feel so bad seeing her in pain, thank goodness for frozen teething toys + baby tylenol.

The months continue to fly by, and I truly can’t fathom the fact that we are halfway to her turning ONE. I feel like I just gave birth yesterday! I know I say this every post- and if you’re a parent, then you understand. Time waits for no one. That’s why I’m cherishing every moment with this little doll. She is such a good girl, and such a calm baby. We are so lucky to have her.

Eloise is still drinking my milk, and I’m trying to make it to 1 whole year of exclusively pumping. It’s been so hard, time consuming, and mentally draining. I definitely want to make a post about my breastfeeding journey in the future. It’s been a struggle, but I’m grateful that my milk supply is so good. (i’m an over-producer)

I plan on taking E to our apartment pool this week, I’m so excited! It’s been so hot here, and it’s finally time to put her in a bikini and see if she likes the water. I even bought her this flamingo floatie from amazon! I got her this cute swimsuit from Target, it was on sale for $8, in store.

Now, here’s a few pictures of Eloise over the past month. Mind you- follow me on Instagram @krystalinthecity because I post frequently!




I hope you all have a good month ahead! HAPPY JUNE!



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