big news: my twin sister is engaged!

I’m so excited to share some amazing news that happened over the weekend. My fraternal twin sister got engaged to her boyfriend! What she thought was just a weekend of visiting me, my boyfriend and our little sister- turned out to be the best weekend of her life!

Her boyfriend, now fiancé, James, texted us all about his big plans and wanted us all there when he popped the question! I’m so thankful he included us on their special day. It is something I’ll cherish forever.

We started the morning going to our favorite cafe and eating brunch. Rose’s Cafe is so delicious, I knew we had to go there first.

Next, we took a drive past the Golden Gate Bridge, past San Rafael to this place called Marshall. My boyfriend and I took them to this very spot, last January and it was a huge hit! They have a little restaurant on the side of the road called The Marshall Store & they sell mouth-watering oysters and clam chowder. We ordered our food, sat at a table outside and enjoyed some beers overlooking Tomales Bay. The weather was stunning- breezy, yet sunny. We ate, talked, laughed and enjoyed ourselves. We wanted to drive back down to a place called Tomales Bay Trailhead to take pictures (like we did last year), they have open pastures where cows roam free and it’s beautiful.

My sister and James were posing for pictures and then he decided he wanted to go to the top of a hill, for more “pictures”. After hiking up a little hill, and seeing cows grazing on grass it was finally the spot he wanted. She thought it was time for more pictures, but instead he started his “proposal speech”. She was so shocked, and I got everything on camera. My little sister took amazing pictures, and I wanted to share some.

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There wasn’t a dry eye at the end of the proposal! I am so happy for my sister and soon-to-be brother! It was such a beautiful day. Her ring is to die for, he did such a good job! I couldn’t be more excited for wedding planning. Stay tuned.


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