Spring Break: London Edition.

I finally made my way to London! It was high on my list of places to see in Europe.  I was there from Wednesday morning- Saturday morning (just got home yesterday afternoon). I wish I could have spent more time there, as I didn’t exactly get to see EVERYTHING on my list. But- living in Paris, it’s super close & not that expensive to take a train ride or plane ride. The flight was less than an hour long (the quickest I’ve ever flown!) It was fantastic!

The day we arrived, unfortunately there was an attack in Westminster area. There was a shooting near the U.K. Parliament, which meant I couldn’t get close to BIG BEN. There were reporters and police everywhere, and streets were closed off. It is pretty eye-opening & scary knowing things like that can happen ANYWHERE. I just pray for those who were affected.

My overall thoughts on the city? I loved it. It was so refreshing hearing/being able to understand English! The British accent really is so charming! The shops, architecture, flowers were all so beautiful. We made our way to Notting Hill- Portobello Road Market, and we had our first English breakfast! I enjoyed every moment of it. The restaurant we went to was called The Duke of Wellington. I would recommend going if you’re in the area, it was delicious & the interior is adorable! I bought some great things from Portobello Road Market, of course.



Notting Hill houses are absolutely adorable. I loved all the different colors!

Of course we had to grab some fish & chips! We went to this place called Poppie’s in SoHo, SO GOOD.


Some other great shots I got in London Town:


The weather ended up being GORGEOUS. It was supposed to rain all weekend long, but only rained the day we got there. YES! I’d love to go back for another weekend trip, and this time make it a priority to see Stonehenge. I’d go back & eat Nando’s again (loveee), and explore more.

My favorite part of the trip? I’d have to say eating my first proper English brekkie! Also, walking around the city. I walked SO MUCH. One day I walked over 20,000 steps. ARE YOU KIDDING? Imagine how my feet felt after? OUCH. Oxford street was so much fun, as well as seeing Buckingham Palace! I enjoyed taking a lot of photos and seeing the red telephone booths.

As always, I feel very grateful for every traveling experience. Getting out of my bubble/eating new food/meeting new people has by far been my favorite thing about traveling. There’s still so much more to see.

I still have a lot more trips planned, so stay tuned….





Today I woke up feeling so beyond grateful and happy. I can’t even put into words how much I’m loving my study abroad experience. I’ve met some incredible people!

I walked to a local cafe called Ten Belles, and I just couldn’t stop smiling. I’m so thankful to be in Europe. I’ve fallen madly in love with Paris. It took me a little while to get adjusted, but once that adjustment period passed— full on love. I’m halfway through the semester, and I don’t even want to think about going home yet. It’s bittersweet. The United States was where I was born, it’ll forever be my home. But I’m starting to think bigger— I would love to live in Europe one day.

Being able to have the opportunity to travel so much is filling my heart with so much happiness. It’s a whole new world for me, one I always wanted to explore. Now I definitely have the “travel bug”. I don’t ever want to stop exploring this beautiful world! There’s still so much I haven’t seen!

I think what makes this experience even more satisfying is knowing I did this all on my own. There’s no better feeling than being self-sufficient and completely independent. It really has been an eye-opening experience; a time to reflect on what I want in life, and to focus on myself for once. I’m a changed person coming out here, and I’ll never be the same. The amount of growth I’ve done in just a short amount of time is truly incredible.

I’m leaving for London tomorrow morning, and I am extremely excited! I am ready to hear British accents, see Big Ben, go to pubs with friends, and just explore what the city has to offer. I will take a lot of pictures, and make a whole blog post about my London trip. So stay tuned!




So this is a blog post I’m super excited to write. Amsterdam is the first place I’ve traveled to, since I arrived in Paris in late January. Where do I even begin?

Amsterdam is BEAUTIFUL. The city is charming, the canals are gorgeous, and I really enjoyed my time there. It was cold & rainy, but that didn’t bother me at all. I’m actually wanting to plan another weekend trip— when it’s a little warmer & their tulips start blooming.

So, my friends and I took a bus from Paris to Amsterdam. It wasn’t bad at all, I mean, it was the cheapest option! We stayed at a hostel called “The Train Lodge“, which was conveniently located right by the train station (Amsterdam Sloterdijk)

It is an old train, converted into a hostel. It was cheap- and did the job! I would recommend if you want to save $$$. There are three bunk beds to each cabin, and bigger rooms hold six bunk beds. The train lodge location is ONE STOP away from Amsterdam Centraal Station (where everything is) so it worked out great!

We went to the Moco Museum and saw a BANKSY x Salvator Dali exhibition (AMAZING). We went to Anne Frank’s house (of course), also to the Heineken Experience (well worth it!). We walked around for hours, and explored the city. I LOVED EVERY MOMENT.

Train Lodge.



Moco Museum.



Coffee shops!


Heineken Experience.

The Canals.


Anne Frank’s House & museum. 


I can’t stop saying how much I loved this city. It is worth visiting! The people spoke English, the city is super clean, and the people are nice. I can’t wait to go back! Until next time, Amsterdam.

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