Paris, I have arrived!


I arrived on Sunday, the 22nd! I didn’t have time to do much, since I got here in the late afternoon. I unpacked one of my suitcases. The next day (Monday) I went to a grocery store down the street from where my flat is, and bought some toilet paper, milk, eggs, bread, water, and other food. I think the biggest struggle I’m going to face, is not being able to speak the language! I get super nervous, but non the less, I try with what I know!

Paris is magical, now I know why everyone loves this city. It’s full of beautiful old buildings, adorable cafes, and history every where you turn. I cannot wait to explore more of it!

Here are a few pictures I’ve taken since I’ve been here for a few days:

I’m not going to lie, I miss Lola Mae very much already… as well as Target! But I’m looking forward to this life-changing journey! Paris is gorgeous! I cannot wait to start classes (the 30th) & begin learning French.

Jet lag is a real thing. Oh boy, I had NO idea. Last night I went to sleep at 11 p.m., and was sleeping off and on until 4:30 p.m. the next day. I’ve never done that before! I guess that just goes to show you how tired I was!




I’m leaving for Paris in about a week, and I already have everything packed for my trip. I will be in Paris for a full academic year (which is about 11 months). How am I going to make almost a year of clothing, shoes, toiletries, etc fit into a few suitcases? Well, I am taking 3 suitcases FULL of stuff. 1 carry on, and 2 suitcases that I’ll have to check in. I really thought ONE carry on, and ONE checked luggage would be enough……. NOT AT ALL.

Remember: I’m taking sweaters, jackets, shoes, pajamas, underwear, shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, socks, etc; and the sweaters alone took up so much space. My only concern is lugging around 3 suitcases, but my sister reminded me that they do have trolleys at the airport, so I should be fine.

I want to show you guys some of the things I’m taking with me on the trip, and I’ll try to include links in case you were interested.



I’m taking a standard bag which will function as my school bag, and a purse. I used it last semester, and I just love it so much. It’s roomy, functional, and super adorable. If you’re thinking of getting this Transport Tote from Madewell, I say: DO IT. FOUND HERE.

I also recently bought this suede fringe one! Two bags is perfect! I’ll stuff this in my luggage, because I’m taking the transport tote with me on the plane. FOUND HERE.



I’m taking so many shoes, only because I need variety for the different seasons! Boots, flats, sandals. Here are a few that I’m taking:

These loafers from Madewell, in this cheetah print is so fun! I also got them in plain brown leather. So cute. ON SALE HERE.

I need a good pair of sneakers to take with me! These are on sale too, at Madewell. They also come in a pretty burgundy shade. FOUND HERE.



This velvet skirt is from Loft (and on sale!) Found here.

This adorable sweater skirt, from Madewell, also on sale! So cute on! FOUND HERE.



(via loft )



I’m a huge fan of J.CREW denim! They fit amazing, and are so flattering. If you go to their website, they have a lot on sale right now. I only get their jeans, on sale! FOUND HERE.


I’m so excited! I can’t believe my trip is right around the corner!



a little bit of inspiration.

I’m leaving to Paris very soon, and I am starting to get really anxious. Not in the bad way though, just anxious for a new adventure and new surroundings. I mean, I am traveling over 5,000 miles to a different country. I can be nervous, right?

So I’ve been reading a lot of inspirational quotes, because with a positive mindset anything is possible! This is beyond my comfort zone, but the first step is always the scariest. I’m ready for it!






I’ve been holding some great news in for months and months! I can finally share, since it’s OFFICIAL…. I’M STUDYING ABROAD IN PARIS! Can someone pinch me? Can someone seriously pinch me, I’m dreaming right?

No! This is real! I never thought I’d be able to study abroad… because I always assumed it was too expensive and out of reach. How would I be able to go? But after going to a study abroad orientation, it was very much a possibility!

It has been months  and months of preparation, and hard work: I had to get accepted into the study abroad program, I had to get a certain GPA to go, I had to get accepted to the university in Paris, legalities (getting a student visa), finding housing etc… But everything is in order, and I leave this month.  *ahhh, so soon!*

I’m so anxious and nervous! I’ve never been on a plane by myself, I have never lived completely alone, and I don’t speak any french! But, isn’t life about taking risks and putting yourself out of your comfort zone? YES. 2017 is my year to shine!

I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity. I am filled with so much gratitude! This couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. It’s time to fully focus on myself, my health, and my goals. The small group of people that knew I was doing this have been so supportive and encouraging. I am beyond blessed! They know who they are.

This blog is going to expand, and I can’t wait to share my travels, new places I love to eat, and so much more. STAY TUNED….




REVIEW: L’Oréal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Clay Line.

My friends over at Influenster were kind enough to send me a L’Oréal Extraordinary Clay VoxBox! I love testing out hair products, especially since I use shampoos & conditioners everyday!

Well, L’Oréal came out with a line specifically meant for people who have oily roots and dry ends. This hair mask/shampoo/conditioner is silicone free (awesome) and meant to last up to 48 hours.

It is a three step process (and I do this once a week, max twice). These products are super lightweight and fresh! They smell great, and soak up all my oils! I really love these products.

You can get these products from L’Oréal’s website. Also, they are super affordable, ranging from $4.99-$6.99! You can’t beat that!

If you have oily roots and ends that need some hydrating, I think you should give this extraordinary clay line a chance! I really loved testing out these products. I was a little skeptical of the clay mask pre-shampoo treatment, since you have to put it on dry hair (THEN rinse it in the shower) but it works wonderfully! Thank you Influenster!


*all products were sent to me complimentary of Influenster for testing/reviewing purposes. all thoughts and opinions are my own.

a dose of positivity for 2017:

I hope the start of 2017 has been amazing for you… I love reading positive quotes to gain inspiration or motivation; also to remain positive no matter what life throws at me!

Here are a few of my favorites recently:







*none of these images are my own, I found them on tumbr.

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Goodbye 2016, and hello 2017! I’m glad that it’s a new year, and I’m looking forward to new life experiences and reaching personal goals. I don’t necessarily have “new year’s resolutions”, but I have goals I would like to accomplish.


  1. WORK OUT/SELF LOVE. Since I have Prolactinoma, it’s so hard for me to lose weight. I want to work out consistently, drink more water, and overall be healthier. I want to get in a place where I’m happy, confident, and comfortable in my own skin. It’s going to take some time, but I want to better myself in all aspects possible.
  2. DO GOOD IN SCHOOL. I’m going into my second/third semesters at SFSU (this Spring & Fall 2017), so I want to do well and put all my energy into school. Good grades is always on my list of goals to complete.
  3. TRAVEL. I have not traveled in so long… so one of my goals this year is to jump on a plane and actually go somewhere. Something is currently in the works, but isn’t 100% for sure. I am crossing my fingers everything will work out! I have a ton of places I am dying to see….


Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? Or would you rather set goals for yourself and complete them?