tiny home movement: inspiration.

Hey everyone! Last blog post was sad, so I wanted to share a personal goal of mine:

Have you ever heard about the tiny-home movement? If you haven’t- where have you been?

I love watching tiny home shows on HGTV, or getting inspiration from Pinterest.

Why do I love this idea? Well, the ability to own a home and be financially free! As I grow older, I realize how expensive life is. Especially where I’m located (Northern California); I question if I’ll ever be able to own my own home in a nice area (with land).

Building a tiny home is a perfect opportunity to save money, travel the world, and be debt-free (or work towards a debt free life). I don’t care about big homes, and I love the simplicity of this idea. My ideal tiny home would be 300-400 sq ft. on an acre of land with a vegetable garden, Lola running around, a beautiful patio, and my plants. I’m not sure if I would have it built on the land, or on a trailer- that’s something I would have to think about.

But just look at these beautiful tiny homes…….





This one is my favorite:

What’s not to love about this cute home? How beautiful is the claw-foot tub? That is a must-have on my wishlist! As well as: a farmhouse sink, a lot of counter space, full-sized appliances, and a lot of windows! I’m a sucker for bright spaces.

What are your thoughts of the tiny house movement? Is it something you could see yourself doing?





*none of these pictures are mine.

big changes.

I’m sitting in my school library, listening to Bon Iver and trying to study. I get these waves of emotion that wash over me: loneliness, emptiness, sadness. I’ve been dealing with some hard things in my personal life for sometime now. It’s hard to balance it all: school, family, friends, and a relationship. I try to do my best, but sometimes it isn’t enough.

As 2016 is coming to an end in a couple weeks, I want to go into 2017 happy and optimistic about my future. Where will I be a year from now? I hope in a better place; a happier one.

Since hitting my 20’s it hasn’t been a walk in the park. I thought being in your 20’s was supposed to be “the time of your life”, all fun… Instead, it has been the bumpiest ride ever. I think the worst is getting your whole life turned upside down. Something big, like a break up just completely tears your whole world apart. I’m not taking a 6-month relationship, but dating someone for 5 and a half years. 5 AND A HALF YEARS OF MAKING MEMORIES, SHARING A LIFE, EXPERIENCING ADVENTURES, LIVING TOGETHER, AND MAKING PLANS FOR THE FUTURE.

It’s been hard. And it doesn’t matter about details, like whose fault it is.

I need to learn how to be single again. Live life alone, and rediscover myself.

Everything happens for a reason. All I can do is keep moving forward. It’ll all be okay. But for now, it hurts like a bitch.



happy december.


The last month of 2016 is finally here. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT.

I am counting down the days until I am done with Fall semester. It’s been brutal! Finals start next week & I HAVE to do good. I am SO stressed out. I have super high expectations of myself. I just hope everything goes good.


I hope everyone has an amazing month!