five things that make me happy, #6.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts! So here are five things that make me happy currently….

  1. SPRING BREAK! Today was my last day of class & I get one whole week to myself, to relax. I’m going to LA to visit family, and I can’t wait to go to all my favorite places & DISNEYLAND.
  2. Pretty tulips in my house.
  3. Coconut water. Not only is it really good for you, but it’s delicious! I’ve been drinking more of it lately.
  4. Writing poetry. I’m currently in a creative writing class (for fun) and we got a chance to write some poetry, it’s very therapeutic.
  5. SPRING! It’s officially springtime, and I love seeing all the flowers bloom.

What are some things that make you happy currently? I’d love to know!



all about my furbaby: lola mae.

I have a little Yorkie named Lola. I have mentioned her before on my blog, but I wanted to dedicate a whole post to her. She is 7 years old, turning 8 in November. She is an only child (although I would love to adopt another furbaby), spoiled rotten, and the best thing I have in my life.

Lola is stubborn, super sweet, curious, spunky, very intelligent, and a tomboy. She hates wearing clothes and will pout if I put them on her. She hates the vacuum with a passion, same with brooms and blenders. She loves saying good morning by giving kisses and little tail wags (it’s the cutest thing in the world). She hates car rides, even though she’s been on long journeys in the car her WHOLE life. She knows how to pose for a good picture, let’s face it she’s so used to me putting my phone in her face to get a good shot! She LOVES her toys. She has a basket full of them and will take them all out, just to find the perfect one to play with. Any time I come home from shopping, she will run to the bags and look inside to see if she got a new toy. She’s so funny!


I can’t even describe my feelings for this little girl. She has been there for me through all my lowest lows, and highest highs. Her love is so unconditional and pure. Lola fills my heart with so much love and joy.


Yorkies will forever be known to me as “Lolas”, my whole family says the same thing too, it’s so funny. I love getting pictures from my boyfriend while he’s at work in the city of a Yorkie saying “look at this Lola I saw today”. She’s made such a huge impact on everyone’s life.

Lola is one special girl and I love spending all my time with her. Especially at her favorite place: the Golden Gate Park. Can’t imagine my life without her.

Do you have any furbabies? What do you love most about them, and how old are they? I would love to know! If you want to see more of Lola Mae, follow me on instagram: krystalinthecity


march wishlist: shoes i’m drooling over.

Hey everyone!

How has the month of March been for you so far? I’ve been focusing on school and working out, it takes so much time and energy.

But I’m back with a fun post: all about shoes. I’m a huge shoe whore. I have a ton of shoes, but I’m starting to get to the point where I only want to really spend money on QUALITY. So these shoes that I’ve been eyeing, aren’t cheap, but they are good quality shoes that should last a long time. It’s nice to splurge on yourself, when you have money!


Joni Platform Clog found here.



Charade Espadrille Wedge found here.



Villa Platform Pump found here.



New Balance 620 Sneakers found here.



All Black Fishscale Flats found here.


These are all so beautiful. I did actually purchase a pair of new shoes that weren’t on the list & they are these gorgeous clogs from Free People. If you’d like to see there click here. I got them in black! I couldn’t be more excited to get them in the mail and wear them.


Hope you all have a great day.



working out progress: two months.

Hey everyone! Happy March, I can’t believe we are already three months into 2016, how crazy is that? I also cannot believe I’ve been working out for 2 whole months, consistently. I am so proud of myself! I do have some updates for you!

First off, I bought a scale. I didn’t want to, BUT I thought it was important to keep track of my weight loss. I also started counting calories! I definitely have my cheat days, because I do NOT believe in depriving yourself. I mean, lets face it, I’m a foodie! There is no way in HELL I’m not going to eat pizza, drink boba, etc. It’s all about moderation. So if you are wondering how I keep track of counting my calories there is an iPhone app that I use called ‘MyFitnessPal’ I’m pretty sure it’s free, and it makes this process so much easier. All you have to do is put in your weight, height, your goal weight and how much weight you want to lose per week (i put 2 lbs/week). It calculates how many calories you can eat per day. It’s awesome! I definitely recommend it.

So with that said, I’ve been counting calories for a week and a half only. When I first weighed myself, I was at a whopping 165 even. It is the heaviest I have ever been in my life. Remember, I’m 5’2. But, I weighed myself this past Monday and I am now at 163.6! YES! PROGRESS! It’s the little goals that mean the most to me. Little accomplishments that will lead me to my big goal! So, my goal weight is to be 120 lbs. I have a long way to go, and it’s going to take a lot of determination, motivation and a lot of self-discipline. I’ve come this far, and I’m not stopping now.

I have been taking my prolactinoma pills for five months the 17th. I finally think they are starting to kick in! I hope this helps with the weight loss, I’ve heard people who take cabergoline do tend to see results around 3-6 months in. SO FINGERS CROSSED. Anyway, I hope on my three month update I would have lost a good amount of weight (hopefully 10 lbs).

I hope you all have a good night. I’m looking forward to my weigh-in this upcoming Monday. If you’re currently trying to find motivation to lose weight, eat healthier, or work out in general- reach deep. You can DO IT! Make 2016 your year!