It’s officially Halloween-time at Disneyland, and we celebrated my 27th birthday at the happiest place on Earth! It was also Ellie’s first time to Disneyland and she did SO good. We knew we wouldn’t be able to go on many rides- but that didn’t stop us from having fun. (Side note: Elle turned 10 months on my birthday!)




Eloise loved the carousel so much! She was screaming, and throwing her head back the entire time. She also went on Winnie the Pooh and Pirates of the Caribbean. For being a Monday, it was pretty busy! We definitely have to go back so we can take her on Dumbo, It’s a Small World, the Jungle Cruise, and go explore California Adventure.




It was fun spending time with family, eating delicious Disneyland treats, and finally seeing Star Wars Land! WOW. It is definitely my favorite part of the park now! Dex and I tried the blue and green “milk”, and it’s worth buying both! I personally loved the blue milk more than the green. YUMMY! I can’t really describe the flavor… but it’s subtle and has a great consistency- sort of like a slushy.

Also- if you’re a nursing or pumping mama, Disneyland has a baby care center with a room you can comfortably feed your baby. You can also change your baby’s diaper (or take your toddler to go potty), and a place to make a bottle (with bottle warmers). This baby care center came in handy for my sister and I!




I can’t believe I’m 27 years old! Officially in my “late” twenties… woah. I hope this year brings happiness, new experiences, growth, and more amazing memories with my little family. Dex and I are planning a New England trip this month- and I’m so excited to visit Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire! It’ll be our first time there, so if you have any recommendations send them my way! Have a great rest of the week.





Happy Autumn, everyone! My favorite season is finally here… and I couldn’t be happier! Now that I have a baby, I really wanted to dive deep into making new family traditions. We decided to take a drive to Oak Glen (which is about an hour & a half away from where we currently live) and go apple picking for the first time!


It was our first time in Oak Glen, and it was the cutest little mountain town. They had little shops to buy souvenirs, apple pie, and other yummy treats. We went with my sister, her husband and my niece. We ate at a place called Apple Annie’s, and grab apple pie from their bakery to go (soooo good). We walked around, grabbed some apple cider, then made our way to the apple orchards. If you’re near Yucaipa, I recommend stopping in Oak Glen to check out the little town (especially this time of year).



We chose to visit Willowbrook Apple Farm and they had the most beautiful apple trees that were over 100 years old. They had chickens, a mini donkey & horse, and a little baby piglet named Delilah. SO ADORABLE. It was such a nice day spending time together as a family, and a great opportunity to take pictures! I’m so excited for more Autumn trips this season.



Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!



Barnes & Noble had their huge #bookhaul blowout sale & I jumped at the opportunity to splurge! I’ve been reading all summer- whenever I’m not occupied by E. I recently finished The Editor & it was SO good! I’m currently reading In the Country (couldn’t link it from B&N, but I found on Amazon) and it’s VERY good (it’s a series of short stories, based on Filipino characters). I highly recommend both books!

Now onto my mini book haul:


The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides



Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane



Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson



Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman



Have you read any of these books listed? Also- if you have any good book recommendations for me, feel free to leave them in a comment below! I’m always looking for new things to read.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week! I cannot believe we are in September… it’s my birthday month! I’m just ready for this weather to cool down, as we are still melting down here in Southern California! Ahhh… off to go read, bye!





Happy September everyone! I’m so pleased to be working with maple holistics again! This time they sent me their apple cider vinegar shampoo to test out… and once again, I am not disappointed by their products!

I’ve mentioned before how I tend to get buildup on my scalp- or dry scalp. This product removed the icky buildup I had, and left my hair/scalp feeling fresh and clean. I am a huge fan of apple cider vinegar, as it has tons of benefits! ACV soothes an irritated scalp, restores shine, and helps prevent hair loss. Some of the key ingredients in this shampoo includes: apple cider vinegar, sunflower oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, wild mint oil — and it’s made from 98% natural ingredients. These oils nourished my hair, and my hair felt fuller and healthier! I also love the way it smells; so minty fresh!


I love using Maple Holistics’ hair products because they are sulfate & paraban-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. It’s important to me that the company I use products from has values- and Maple Holistics has a new Recycling Program that you’ve got to check out! For every 6 bottles of Maple Holistics products you return by mail, you will receive a free bottle of shampoo or have an equivalent donation made to an environmentally-friendly charity. Make sure to click that link for more information!

I hope you all have a wonderful month ahead!

*thank you Maple Holistics, all opinions are my own.




I’m SO late! Eloise turned 7 months old (June 30th) & she is actually turning 8 months old tomorrow! We’ve been so busy over here (and I haven’t been in the blogging mood lately). I managed to take some cute 7 month pictures, but as you can see- Eloise was sleeping the entire time.

As much as Eloise is growing, not much has changed (as far as milestones). She still loves my milk, enjoys playing with her toys, and being outdoors. She is such a good girl on car rides, and we love taking her to the pool!

She is still not a huge fan of baby food, but we are working on it… even if she takes a spoonful or two, that is fine! Her favorite show is still Sesame Street, but I sneak some Peppa Pig here and there! I also love reading to her, I have a ton of baby books for her! My favorite place to get baby books from is TJ Maxx or Barnes & Noble. Elle still naps 2-3 times a day, and sleeps through the night. No teeth yet… I’m certain one will pop through soon enough!






Since this post was so late, expect her 8 month update in a few days! This blogger rut, has me so uninspired and not in the mood to write. Hopefully that goes away, because I do enjoy writing and sharing our life. I really wish we were going on vacation this year… only small weekend getaways are planned (I’ll post about those). Anyway, happy Monday!


Life Update: NorCal to SoCal


These past couple of months have been so crazy. After 6.5 years of living in Northern California, it’s time to say “see you later”. We have officially moved down to Southern California! It’s so bittersweet- on one hand, the Bay Area has become my home and I love it so much. On the other hand, all my family is in Southern California (including my twin sister and niece). Moving down here isn’t a long term decision, as we haven’t decided where we want to plant down permanent roots. Do we stay in California? I can’t see myself living in Los Angeles long term… maybe eventually move out of state? Not sure! We are keeping all our options open, but for the next 3-5 years we will be here.



Truthfully, I didn’t want to move at all- but it was best for our little family. I want my daughter and niece to grow up together, and have them be best friends. It’s time to make new memories, and to open a new chapter in our lives. So, for now, Southern California is home again!


Some things I’m looking forward to:

-exploring Santa Barbara

-going to Catalina Island

-exploring San Diego

-getting a Disneyland annual pass

-driving along Pacific Coast Highway (lots of beach days!)

-exploring some vineyards (Temecula + Malibu)

-Solvang + Ojai trips


I already have a list of places and restaurants I want to try; I can’t wait to explore + share some of our adventures on the blog.

Until then, see you for Eloise’s 7 month update!




You heard that right… E is 1/2 a year old already. We’ve been so busy soaking up these special moments. Eloise now says “mama”- she actually said it for the first time on Mother’s Day. My heart seriously cannot take it. She is rolling everywhere; I wouldn’t be surprised if she started crawling in the next month or so. She is laughing, babbling, screaming, and learning every single day.

I really think this is my favorite age so far. I love how interactive she is. E loves Sesame Street, we sing her favorite songs every day and it makes her smile and get excited. Eloise has also tried carrots and avocado! Next we are going to try green beans and peas.


This girl has her 6 month check up on the 6th, and I’m dreading the fact that she gets more shots. Last time she got shots she ran a fever, wasn’t feeling well and threw up everywhere! Poor baby! I hope it’s better this time around. Ellie has been teething, and will have her good days & her bad days. Teething is no joke… I feel so bad seeing her in pain, thank goodness for frozen teething toys + baby tylenol.

The months continue to fly by, and I truly can’t fathom the fact that we are halfway to her turning ONE. I feel like I just gave birth yesterday! I know I say this every post- and if you’re a parent, then you understand. Time waits for no one. That’s why I’m cherishing every moment with this little doll. She is such a good girl, and such a calm baby. We are so lucky to have her.

Eloise is still drinking my milk, and I’m trying to make it to 1 whole year of exclusively pumping. It’s been so hard, time consuming, and mentally draining. I definitely want to make a post about my breastfeeding journey in the future. It’s been a struggle, but I’m grateful that my milk supply is so good. (i’m an over-producer)

I plan on taking E to our apartment pool this week, I’m so excited! It’s been so hot here, and it’s finally time to put her in a bikini and see if she likes the water. I even bought her this flamingo floatie from amazon! I got her this cute swimsuit from Target, it was on sale for $8, in store.

Now, here’s a few pictures of Eloise over the past month. Mind you- follow me on Instagram @krystalinthecity because I post frequently!




I hope you all have a good month ahead! HAPPY JUNE!





Happy May! Another month has truly flown by. Sweet girl is officially 5 months old! I’m still trying to have that sink in. She has found her voice; she loves to yell, scream, squeal, and shout. I love that she is learning to express herself, but I won’t lie- her doing this for 15 minutes straight can start to make my head hurt. She has also learned how to whine. She whines when she is tired, or just to whine… that can also drive me crazy. (and so it begins)

I just cannot believe how much she has developed within this past month. Eloise is still doing tummy time, and can roll over multiple times! Her neck strength has always been amazing, and she can hold herself up completely with her arms/elbows. She can also sit up by herself (with help!) She loves to baby babble, and suck her fingers for comfort. I’m so in love with her, and still pinching myself that I’m her mom.


She is smiling and laughing so much now. It brings me SO much joy to hear her giggles. We went to SF last weekend, hung out in Japantown and Golden Gate Park. We are going to SoCal this weekend, to see family. I’m not worried about her being in the car anymore, because she’s such a good girl. I know she’ll sleep for most of it. I’m so glad I don’t experience that anxiety anymore.

Ellie is 13-14 pounds, and officially fits 6 month clothing. She still loves her milk, and we are actually going to introduce her to food this month. I want to start with puréed green beans or sweet potato. She’s shown great interest in seeing us eat, and will even open her mouth! I think she’s ready.

Here are some photos over the past month:






I have so many other photos of Eloise, it’s so hard to choose which ones are my favorite. Make sure to follow me on instagram! Mother’s Day is coming up, do you have any special plans?



The weather is getting warmer & I’ve been looking for some pretty Spring/Summer clothes and accessories. I love this time of year! I really gravitate towards neutral colors, but I’d like to add some more color to my wardrobe! One thing I really need is shorts. I hope to find some pairs that will fit right, and flatter my body.

Here are some things on my wish list:

I am officially down 41 pounds since giving birth & I’ve been looking for a new swimsuit! I’m going out of my comfort zone and I ordered a two-piece bikini. I purchased these bikini bottoms and this bikini top. I hope they look good on me!

This Lou & Grey pom pom v-neck midi dress.



Superga espadrille sneakers.



Striped ribbon floppy straw hat.



Denim button front skirt.



Chambray flutter cutout jumpsuit.



Denim roll shorts in staple dark indigo wash.



Bouquet vintage soft tee.



Cactus vintage soft tee.



Cheetah print ankle strap espadrille wedge sandals.



Lou & Grey tie waist linen pants.



Woven handle straw tote.



Loving all of these gorgeous pieces! Which one is your favorite? It makes me super excited for summertime. I hope you all have a great rest of the week!



WOW! I’m so late, but Eloise officially turned 4 months old on the 30th of March! This is such a fun stage and I’m loving it! She giggles, smiles so much more, loves to be talkative (especially in the mornings), and is so well behaved when we go out. Her baby squeals and babbles melt my heart, she loves to touch my face, and look into my eyes. I feel so grateful to be her mommy. We are in heaven with this little honey girl.


She got her 4 month shots, and they weighed her at 12lbs 13oz. She’s an itty bitty girl, so petite! She takes after her mama for sure. 🙂

Some highlights: she witnessed mommy propose to daddy, she saw the ocean for the first time, she went on her first museum visit, she went to SF for the first time, and many more trips to the park with her sis, Lola. The weather is warming up more, and I’m so excited for longer walks outdoors.

I have so many photos of Eloise! Here are some of my favorites in March:







I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!